Size matters!

October 2, 2020

With bridge strikes costing the UK economy £23million every year, it is time for large vehicle drivers to take note of vehicle dimensions and fully prepare for a compliant route.

Travelling goes hand in hand when owning a horse and taking to Britain’s roads can be difficult with a Horsebox onboard, which leaves drivers and their horses exposed to restricted narrow roads and unnecessary bridge strikes. According to research conducted by Network Rail last year, on average over four bridge strikes are taking place each day causing major disruptions. 

Horsebox Route knows compliant routing technology is an easy and reasonable solution to the troubles surrounding bridge strikes.  

A 2019 survey by the British Horse Society (BHS), stated that 315 horses have tragically died on Britain’s roads over the past 10 years. The BHS received 3,737 road incidents from the public involving horses from 2018-2019, however, it is widely regarded that only 1 in 10 incidents are being reported and the figure is deemed to be significantly higher.

To ensure the safety of drivers, trailers and those horses on board, drivers must be aware of their vehicle dimensions before tackling Britain’s roads. Vehicle height, weight, width and length must be noted pre journey to ensure drivers avoid any unnecessary bridge strikes or potential fines. Compliant routing is essential on Britain’s road networks.

The coronavirus pandemic has affected many people in the UK and with the winter months around the corner, Britain’s roads will become busier and horseboxes will be more exposed to strikes. Following a bridge strike, drivers and businesses will be liable for any bridge repairs which can have a huge impact financially, with the average bridge strike amounting to £13,000 in damages. Horsebox Route’s turn-by-turn navigation will aim to help reduce the number of incidents by generating safer compliant routes.

With road restrictions up and down the country, horsebox drivers are vulnerable to multiple road offences and penalty charges. Road weight restrictions, Low Emission Zones, upcoming Ultra-Low Emission Zones and narrow country roads can all restrict horsebox drivers on a daily basis. 

Drivers must ensure horseboxes remain roadworthy by maintaining them to a fully compliant standard. Take the time to inspect the trailer inside and out to make sure it is safe to travel for the driver, the horse and for fellow drivers on the road.  For further information regarding the conditions of a horsebox trailer, Horsebox Route recommend checking with your state authority on inspections that you are dutifully obliged to carry out. 

Whilst travelling down narrow country roads, it can be tricky for some drivers to manoeuvre vehicles and horseboxes. Drivers can become stuck down narrow roads because of not noting vehicle dimensions which can cause damages to horsebox trailers and cost valuable money in repairs. Horsebox Route’s sat nav’s will successfully store your trailer’s dimensions to create a tailored route specifically for the user’s chosen vehicle.

Horsebox Route offers affordable compliant horsebox routing software using a web platform as well as an easy app which exclusively store every bridge height within the UK.  Customers enter horsebox height, weight, width and length to generate the fastest, most efficient, green-compliant routes for specific sized vehicles by avoiding pedestrian areas, low bridges, narrow roads, PCN fines, road closures and Low Emission Zones. Ensure safe journeys, avoid delays and stay compliant wherever you are heading with your horsebox.

The software allows drivers to obtain knowledge to make decisions on which route is more compliant. Some journeys can increase road time which will increase fuel however a longer journey can assist drivers in avoiding charges. A slightly longer journey on the road can be financially cheaper in the long run with tolls and congestion charges all taken into consideration when generating tailored routes.

Look out for the My Route app launching soon! Allowing users to generate, print and share fully compliant routes.