My Route - Compliant Routing

March 10, 2021

Download the My Route - Compliant Routing app today for your Horsebox!

Once signed up, Horsebox Route users will need to log in and select the Horsebox from the list of vehicles provided.

Simply enter your trailer dimensions - height, width, length and weight - to be on the way to your first fully compliant route.

The My Route - Compliant Routing app provides turn-by-turn navigation for drivers assisting you with every road you take. With all UK bridge heights stored within the system, drivers can easily avoid unnecessary bridge strikes.

With the trailer dimensions always stored in app, users can generate the fastest, most efficient and green-compliant routes specifically tailored for your chosen Horsebox.

Our mapping data also allows drivers to avoid PCN fines, narrow roads, pedestrian areas and Low Emission Zones.

My Route - Compliant Routing is available to download on iOS and Android devices.