How to keep my horsebox compliant

October 12, 2020

Take the time to inspect your trailer inside and out to make sure it is safe to travel for you, your horse and your fellow drivers on the road.  For further information regarding the conditions of your trailer we recommend checking with your state authority on inspections that you are dutifully obliged to carry out.

Good vehicle maintenance will ensure conformance to legal requirements and the improved safety of your horse.

Before taking your horse out in the trailer, practice driving with the trailer attached to your vehicle. We also recommend practising hooking the trailer up and parking so that you do not find yourself stressed or unsure on the day you need to move your horse!

Horsebox users should be vigilant to maximum vehicle weights as many could be unwittingly overloaded on a regular basis. The combined actual weight of your towing vehicle and trailer combinations should never exceed the maximum train weight of the towing vehicle.

At Horsebox Route, users can simply enter vehicle dimensions - height, width, length and weight - into our web and app portals to instantly receive tailored compliant routes specifically for you and your vehicle. With your dimensions stored within app, it makes for easy horsebox routing on all your journeys.

Horsebox drivers can generate the safest, fastest and greenest routes. Set the start point, destination, trailer details and timings of the journey and get a fully compliant route for every trip. Avoid pedestrian areas, restricted roads, low bridges, narrow roads and Low Emission Zones, including the upcoming Low Emission Zones in all cities in the UK.

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